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There are still many people who do not know what reflexology is. Still, many who believe it’s just another ‘foot massage’ and many more who do not understand the real value of this fantastically deep, non-invasive therapy which works the body, from the inside out, via the feet.

Spinal reflexology is relatively new.  It is based on stimulating the spinal reflexes on the feet. A trained therapist will stimulate each individual verterbra aiming to identify nerve roots out of balance. A nerve root exits through each vertebrae to reach specific organs and muscles. By using spinal reflexology I aim to identify organs which are not functioning correctly and so helping many conditions from inferfility, to IBS and migraines.

By using this technique I can access spinal nerve roots to directly treat the cause of the problem, or referred pain.  This method promotes healing by working on the spinal nerve roots, helping to open up neural pathways,thereby increasing blood flow to reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation.

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