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I’ve been going to the Vitality Show in London consecutively for the last 7 years. As a complementary practitioner I like to keep up to date on what’s new and available and the show, for me, is both fun and informative. I meet many therapists and it provides a basis for my continuing research.

Having just returned home from this year’s show, I was very disappointed. Not only was it down-sized (from Olympia to Earls Earls Court 1), it was also heavily geared towards sports clothes, hair and beauty and many of the therapy workshops (aura readings, colour therapies, reflexology, Ayurvedic treatments, herbs and supplement stands) had disappeared, possibly due to the high costs of exhibiting there. This was a shame

However, I was delighted when I actually stumbled across what I feel is a gem of a company: Mercy Oil Products. Mercy Oil products are produced from the seeds of plants and contain hundreds of precious and nutritious substances which include vitamins, minerals, high levels of essential fatty acids, amino acids and highly medicinal active components. They provide a natural healing remedy for immunodeficiency and opportunistic infections. I would encourage anyone who is interested to keep a look out for these products and do their own research.

The company’s leading product is Mercy Oil – an oil produced from the seeds of the Black Cumin flower (Nigella Sativa).

Black Cumin seed oil has been used for thousands of years by various cultures and civilizations around the world as an organic nutritional treatment, aiding good health and well-being.

The unique healing properties of Mercy Drinking Oil lie in the traditional way it is produced. Great care and time are taken to grow the Black Cumin plants in a mountainous climate of clean air and rich soil with as little pollution as possible.

The special extraction process which is used enhances Mercy Drinking Oils’ medicinal qualities without damaging the organic nutritional elements that the plant seeds have taken from the earth.

Since the 1960s, doctors around the world started researching and proving Black Cumin Seed oil’s many medicinal benefits, publishing their findings in respected and peer reviewed medical journals. Watch this space as I’ll be reviewing my findings.

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Well, I can categorically say that even after completing a health sciences degree in which I was awarded a first class honours, this adult teaching course is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. Six weeks intensive training on the principles and methods of teaching – a challenge indeed. But It’s almost at an end and it has equipped me with new knowledge, new skills and a new confidence in myself and my abilities. I hope that this qualification if open up a new set of opportunities as I travel on life’s journey.

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