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As I do more and more research on the subject of nutrigenomics, I am in absolute awe. As seasoned alternative health practitioner helping hundreds of my clients to feel better, I didn’t realise the full impact of food and nutrition on health.  Oh, sure, I understood the importance of eating healthily and my degree in nutrition taught me a lot more.  But, only now am I fully understanding – and seeing for myself – how the foods we eat interact with our genes to affect our health.  This is worth repeating – take a minute to think about this: the foods we eat interact with our genes to affect our health.  This is now a huge area of research and I’m hearing so many testimonials.  This science is called nutrigenomics orf nutrigenetics.  

One approach that nutrigenomics researchers use is to investigate how nutrients and bioactive components in food turn on or off certain genes – these genes impacting important metabolic and physiologic processes in the body.  For example,  researchers have identified compounds found in broccoli that switch on a specific gene that helps the body detoxify some of the harmful chemicals we’re sometimes exposed to.  Of course, we know cruciferous vegetables are good for us, but now we know why and to what extent.

This is why I’m so happy to have found Protandim – a powerhouse of nutrition able to turn on the nrf2 pathway to protect against oxidative stress.  I’m now in a position to help so many more of my clients, family and friends and have research and testimonials  at my fingertips.   cells


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