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I’ve started to do some research into MSM (Methyl-Sulphonyl-Methane) and have discovered some very interesting facts to do with some of the issues I’ve discussed in my blogs. 

MSM is a naturally occuring sulphur compound and stable, odourless dietary metabolite of DMSO (Dimethyl Sulphoxide).  It is a vital compound found in the body’s tissues and fluids.  Interestingly, it is made naturally in the human body from the amino acids methionine, taurine and cysteine (the most potent antioxidant I know!) 

Sulphur is necessary for:

The formation of collagen, keratin and elastin (thereby helps to maintain the body’s physical structure and tissues and so maintaining their elasticity and flexibility); 

Maintaining cell membrane permeability (allowing cells to absorb nutrients and expel waste properly;

Playing a role in tissue healing and repair;

The essential formation of antibodies;

The energy production within body cells;

Overall, MSM is a very important mineral for healthy hair, skin, nails, organs, joints and blood vessels.

Dietary MSM is found in eggs, raw meats, seafood, some fresh vegetables and fruits and milk.  Processing of these products, of course, destroys or greatly reduces actual MSM content.  Therefore, generally speaking, the body will be sulphur deficient unless raw meat and fish and unwashed and uncooked vegetables are eaten on a daily basis. 

MSM levels in the body naturally decline with age so a combination of deficiency and decline are reported to result in symptoms of fatigue, tissue and organ malfunction, and an increase in susceptibility to disease.   To be effective therapeutically, MSM should be taken frequently, ideally, every day.  Research has shown a daily dosage of between 250mg and 2,000mg to be beneficial, but in severe cases of deficiency much higher doses have been used.

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I recently had a reflexology treatment from an extremely intuitive practitioner, who told me things about my personality that a stranger could not possibly know – it was fun and enlightening.  He recommended a book: Ask and it is Given.  To be honest, if I’d known the exact content of the book I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but buy it I did and although I may not agree with some of it, it really is a very interesting book.  Ask and it is Given (by Esther and Jerry Hicks) is about learning to manifest the law of attraction.  Here is an excerpt:

“By the powerful Universal Law of Attraction, you draw to you the essence of whatever you are predominantly thinking about.  So if you are predominantly thinking about the things that you desire, your life experience reflects those things.  And, in the same way, if you are predominantly thinking about what you do not want, your life experience reflects those things.”

According to the authors the way to achieve harmony with your desires is to imagine having those desires; pretend that it they are already in your experience, flow your thoughts toward the enjoyment of the experience, and as you practice those thoughts and feel the experience of having those desires, you will then be in a place to allow them into your life.

If you have an open mind, I would certainly recommend the book and let the practising and the manifestations begin!

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Thank you to all those who email me with questions about their health challenges – keep them coming, I enjoy responding!  Many of you will know that most of the issues I discuss and talk about are issues I’ve personally encountered and experienced and people who know me personally know what I’ve gone through.

Some things have happned in my life recently which have made me wonder if, as the saying goes, ‘things happen for a reason’.   I’m indeed beginning to wonder if this is true.   The road which has brought me to this point has been a long and interesting one with doors opening at every avenue.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without having met the people I have met along the way.  Thank you to all those people.

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The human body is an amazing living machine. The body has the genetic capacity to defend itself against bacterial invaders to cleanse itself of destructive toxins and thus to heal itself from damage and disease as well as to absorb and utilize nutrients needed for fuel. Equipped with natural killer cells it can identify and kill tumour cells and cells infected with viruses, fungi and bacteria. However, the health of the body will largely depend on how well it is fed. If vitally important nutrients are missing from the diet then the body cannot keep healthy, it cannot succeed at the complex job it is designed to do. To illustrate this point, research studies have shown that the immune system (over the past 15 years) has lost over 25% of natural killer cell (NK) function due to toxins, viruses and daily stressors (Khemka, D.M et al, 1997). Additionally, NK cell activity increases by 50% after glyconutritional supplementation in healthy individuals and by 400% amongst chronic fatigue individuals (See et al, 1997). It seems then that the ability of the human body to heal itself is present, yet is lacking the energy required to adequately protect, detoxify and heal itself. Roger Williams internationally known biochemist and nutritional scientist, in his book Nutrition Against Disease, stated that the theme of his life’s work and all his many books on nutrition is captured in the statement: “The human body heals itself and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish the task”.

Glycoscience is the study of the structure and function of carbohydrates – biological sugars. Scientists in the field of glycobiology (the study of these sugars and their role in human biology) have proposed that specific dietary sugars, called glyconutrients, could represent a new class of nutrients with interesting benefits to health. Being neither vitamins, minerals, herbals, homeopathics or enzymes, they are a class all to themselves.

In the 1960s research first began to appear on glycoproteins – protein molecules bound with carbohydrate molecules. Glycoprotein molecules coat the surface of every cell with a nucleus. It is now known that carbohydrates on the cell surface are used as communication molecules. Carbohydrate molecules, therefore, are thought to provide the most specific form of biological information. This new technology demonstrates that by providing the body with the raw nutrients in the form of these simple sugars, the body is able to heal, correct and repair itself.

It goes without saying then, that if our immune systems are strong and healthy then we can fight off invaders which attack it.

The above is an extract from my dissertation ‘What is the evidence for glyconutrients? The concepts and theories behind glyconutrition and glyconutrient supplementation’. I received a BSc First Class Honours in Complementary Health Sciences.

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