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Did you know that a lot of information can be obtained from your feet? A trained therapist can tell whether you’re a hard worker (a ‘cart horse’), someone who likes to be pampered (a ‘princess’ type) or someone who hogs the limelight and wants recognition for their merits! It’s true.

Look at your feet – how do you feel about them? I’ve received some very interesting answers to that question which tell me a lot about how the person sees themself.

Feet reading is indeed a fascinating subject. Here’s some more information to whet your appetite:
A very short little toe – someone who has had to grow up too quickly
High arches – someone who is independent with strong inner resources
Second toe longer than the other toes – someone who has natural leadershp qualities

Even a bunion can be indicative of someone who bends over backwards to help othes!

Interesting, eh?

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